If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge and resources with current students and fellow alumni, participating in the AUC Connect this is a great way to give back and stay connected to the AUC community as you provide valuable input that can have a lasting impact on someone else. 

Alumni can have both short-term and long-term connections! — for current students or young alumni who are seeking to grow personally or professionally. You have the potential to offer insight and broader perspectives during key decision-making times in their lives. 
We designed this program to be flexible for busy alumni. You have complete control over the connection and can decide how you want the relationship to work. 
However, we have some suggestions: 

  • Connecting once is all that is necessary, but the number of subsequent meetings will vary depending on the type/length of the relationship being sought. 
  • Approach each connection with respect, professionalism, and an open mind. 
  • Respond to communications from your mentee in a timely manner (3 business days or sooner if able to). 
  • Help determine their goals for the relationship. 
  • During meetings, listen, ask open-ended questions, and provide constructive feedback.