The RUSM Connect Program is designed to be flexible and to help you connect informally with others in the RUSM community. You can use the program to: 


  • Go to My Home and on the lefthand side click Search
  • From there you’ll be able to search for alumni using a certain criteria. Try a Specialty-based search, or a Nearest Metro City for a local connection, or type in a specific grad year in a Keyword search. 
  • If you’ve found someone whose profile interests you, click Contact and the alum will receive an email that you’ve reached out via Connect. 


Once you’ve created a profile, current students might reach out to you for a connection, general advice or even with a single question. They might be drawn to your specialty, your program, or where you live. Being available to answer questions, you are helping students succeed in their RUSM journey by connecting them to the greater Rossie community. 

NOTE: Alumni cannot search or initiate contact with students using the program. Once a student has reached out to you through Connect, you’ll receive an email notification. If you do not wish to connect with students, please select zero (0), for the number of connections that you are available for.