Once you've completed your application for the RUSVM Connect mentorship program, your profile will be matched with a student (for mentors) or alumnus (for mentees) based on the answers you submitted in the application. We match alumni and students using an algorithm that weighs your area(s) of interest (i.e. small animal, surgery, etc), the topics you'd like to discuss (i.e. areas of interest, internships, work/life balance, etc), and your clinical school. Once you've been matched, we will send you a notification so that you can get the process started! 

During the six months of the program, we will send you regular reminders for check-ins and tasks to complete related to your mentorship relationship. Your first meeting will be to discuss your goals of the relationship and how often/in what format you'd like to meet. Following that meeting, we request that you meet at least once per month to check in with each other and discuss any relevant topics. In your sixth month, you'll do a final meeting where you'll determine if and how you'd like to continue the relationship in an unofficial (yet still very impactful) relationship.

At any time during the program, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or feedback about the program. We built this program for YOU and your feedback will help us to ensure that it's as meaningful and impactful as possible.