In agreeing to become a mentor, the alum is committing to the following: 

  1. Work with mentee to develop a meeting schedule that accommodates both schedules (i.e. twice a month via email, once a month via Skype, etc.). Ongoing meetings will occur each session. 
  2. Communicate with mentee at least four times each semester:
    • More frequent communication is encouraged. Initial email from mentee to mentor should be sent within one week of match announcement.
    • Adapt to mentee needs based on their time in the program and when their degree conferral will take place. 
  3. The mentor will commit to one engagement activity per session with their mentee(s) either virtually or on campus. 
  4. The mentor will communicate with the Alumni Relations Manager should the mentee be non-responsive to multiple outreach attempts. 
  5. The mentor will opt-out if they feel that they can no longer commit to the program or if the program is no longer meeting their expectations. The mentor will speak with the Alumni Relations Manager for the opt-out process. 
  6. Support mentees with Chamberlain supplied resources. 
  7. Assist mentees in identifying and overcoming obstacles that may interfere with the accomplishment of the students’ educational goals or direct them to who can help. Support them in the continuation and completion of their respective program. 
  8. Assist in motivating new mentees’ connection and involvement in student life. 
  9. Serve as a resource by helping mentees to build leadership skills, relationship development and community involvement.